Walia restaurant is named after Walia, an endangered species of the ibex family, which is found only in the Semien Mountains of Ethiopia. The Semien Mountains are truly nature’s gift to Ethiopia, with spectacular scenery. They are designated as a World Heritage site and a national park in the country. This truly majestic mountain chain consists of the tallest peak in Ethiopia, named Ras Dashen (4550 m), which is blessed by rare plants, animals and birds, and full of other natural wonders.

Our family owned Walia restaurant is located in the business and cultural center of the vibrant village of South Orange, just one block East of the South Orange train station, at 11 Village Plaza, South Orange, NJ-07079 . There is also plenty of parking, around the restaurant.

Whether you go out for a nice family dinner, for a casual rendezvous with your friends and loved ones or for a special anniversary, we warmly welcome you and will work hard to meet your needs. We are confident you will enjoy our great Ethiopian meals and admire our quality service.

Whether you like vegetarian or non-vegetarian meals, we have them all. Our vegetarian meals are varied and colorful and our non-vegetarian ones are well prepared from fresh meat, lamb or chicken.

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