Walia restaurant is a family owned restaurant, which is located in the business and cultural center of the vibrant village of South Orange. It was opened in February 2013 and is named after the Walia which is an endangered species of the ibex family found only in Ethiopia.

Our restaurant serves a variety of delicious Ethiopian dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Our vegetarian entrees include the well-known Ethiopian dish of Misr Watt, a mild sauce that is available either simmered and seasoned with turmeric and herbs (Misr Alicha Watt) or simmered and seasoned with moderate or hot berbere sauce (Misr Key Watt). Our non-vegeterian selections are rich with traditional Ethiopian flavors, including the unique and delicious Doro Watt, chicken leg stewed in berbere sauce flavored with seasoned butter and served with a hard-boiled egg. These varied and colorful sauces come, of course, meticulously spread out on the traditional Ethiopian bread, the Injera. For details of our varied entrees, please see the Menu.

All sauce and the Injera are prepared with special care, ensured by our quality driven family members, who work hard to fully satisfy our customers. We welcome you to come and visit us for a wonderful lunch or dinner, coupled with efficient and quality service, which we are confident you will admire and be satisfied with.

Our location is ideal for public transportation, one block from the busy South Orange train station that connects our lovely village of South Orange with New York City and the many other towns and communities East and West of us in the New Jersey suburbs. You will also find parking easily in the area all around our cozy and friendly family restaurant, while you enjoy your time with us.